Summary: The best way to bridge assets from the Harmony One blockchain to Cronos is with a secure cross-chain DEX. Based on our analysis of the top bridging protocols, we recommend the Synapse platform to transfer assets between Harmony and Cronos.

Their platform allows you to bridge their native token SYN between both networks for low fees and with fast finality. All users need to do is connect their MetaMask Wallet and initiate the transfer to safely swap between the popular Layer 1 blockchain.

Best Harmony to Cronos Bridge
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Can I bridge from Harmony to Cronos?

There are a few bridging protocols you can use to bridge your tokens from Harmony to Cronos. However, there is one unique platform that allows bridging between 15 networks and offers guaranteed bridging times of under 5 minutes in total. The best platform to bridge your crypto from Harmony One to Cronos is Synapse protocol.

It has the largest bridging volume out of any DEX (decentralized exchange) in the world. To learn more about Synapse, you can read our Synapse Review.

How to Bridge from Harmony One to Cronos

Harmony has recently been the subject of multiple cyber attacks and users are looking for ways to bridge (transfer) their cryptocurrencies off the vulnerable network. In the below example, we have selected SYN as the bridging token as it’s one of the only tokens that offer 1-1 price (positive slippage) between the networks.

  1. Visit Synapse and connect your Metamask Web3 Wallet.
  2. Select Harmony One and Cronos as your two blockchains.
  3. Input the amount of SYN you want to bridge.
  4. Confirm the transactions on Metamask and your funds in will arrive in your wallet within minutes.
Bridge Crypto from Harmony One to Cronos

** Please note, that other cryptocurrencies offered on Synapse may not offer positive slippage. Remember to check the number of tokens you are receiving to ensure that you aren’t being charged negative slippage.

Cronos to Harmony One Bridging Fees

Bridging between any networks will require you to pay two sets of fees, a bridging fee and the network transaction (gas) fee. On Synapse, when you bridge from Harmony to Cronos the total fees will come to $5AUD.

If this fee is too high, you can choose SYN (the native token of Synapse) as the bridging token and you will get a guaranteed 0% slippage and a 1SYN transaction fee.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the best way to bridge assets from Harmony One to Cronos is through the Synapse protocol, which offers a fast, secure, and low-cost way to transfer the SYN token between both networks. Users can easily connect their MetaMask wallet and initiate the transfer to safely swap between the popular Layer 1 blockchains. While there are other bridging protocols available, Synapse is the top platform to bridge cryptocurrencies from Harmony One to Cronos, with the largest bridging volume out of any DEX in the world.