Summary: The best way to bridge between Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain) to Arbitrum is with a secure multi-chain bridge. With this method, users can move stablecoins like USDC, USDT or DAI from Binance to the Arbitrum network with a MetaMask or alternative Web3 wallet.

Our top pick for users in the Stargate platform. They offer fast and cheap cross-chain swaps between BNB Chain and Arbitrum for BUSD, USDC, USDT and other tokens.

Best Binance to Arbitrum Bridge
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How to Bridge from BNB Chain to Arbitrum

To bridge from Binance Smart Chain (BNB) to Arbitrum, users will need to transfer tokens with a secure multi-chain DEX like Synapse or Stargate Finance. We generally recommend using the Stargate Finance platform because it offers lower fees and less slippage to move stable coins from Binance to Arbitrum network.

You can get started bridging from BNB to Arbitrum with this simple guide:

  1. Find a Bridge: Find a secure bridge like Stargate Finance to transfer tokens from BNB to Arbitrum.
  2. Connect Wallet: Connect your MetaMask or alternative Web3 wallet to Stargate.
  3. Select Token: Select the token you want to transfer from BNB Chain to Arbitrum.
  4. Input Amount: Input the token amount you want to send.
  5. Confirm Transfer: Confirm transfer and wait 2 minutes for tokens to arrive on the Arbitrum Layer 2 network.
Bridge BNB Chain to Arbitrum
Bridging USDT from Binance Smart Chain to Arbitrum via Stargate Finance.

What are the Fees to Bridge between BNB and Arbitrum?

If you use Stargate Finance, the average price to bridge from Binance Smart Chain to Arbitrum is $10 each way for under $1,000 USD. For over $1,000 USD - you can expect to pay up to $25 per transaction depending on network demand on BSC chain.

This is considerably cheaper than alternatives like Synapse protocol who charge a 0.2% fee, which equates to $25 per $1,000 USD transferred.

What is Arbitrum?

Arbitrum is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that utilizes Rollups to improve scalability and reduce gas fees. Arbitrum offers fast transaction times (under 1 second) and low fees (under $0.01 per transaction), making it an ideal platform for DeFi applications.

Arbitrum is compatible with all existing Ethereum wallets and applications, and features built-in security mechanisms to protect against fraud and manipulation.

What is Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain)?

Binance Smart Chain is a Layer 1 blockchain that is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Binance Smart Chain is optimized for high performance and features a dual-chain structure that allows users to easily transfer assets between the Binance Chain and the Ethereum network.

Binance Smart Chain also features a cross-chain bridge that allows users to transfer assets between Binance Chain and Ethereum. This makes it possible to use Binance Smart Chain with existing Ethereum wallets and applications.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, to securely bridge between Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain) and Arbitrum, using a multi-chain bridge like Stargate Finance is recommended. This platform offers fast and cost-effective cross-chain swaps for stablecoins like BUSD, USDC, and USDT, among others. By connecting a MetaMask or alternative Web3 wallet to Stargate, users can easily transfer tokens from BNB Chain to the Arbitrum network, benefitting from lower fees and reduced slippage compared to alternatives like Synapse protocol.