If you are looking to bridge from Binance Smart Chain (or BNB Chain) to the Optimism Layer 2, you have found the right guide. Find the cheapest and fast bridge to move to the fastest growing L2 network to take advantage of their incentives program and high yields.

Best BNB Chain to Optimism Bridge
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How to Bridge from BNB Chain to Optimism

The best way to bridge from Binance Smart Chain, now referred to as BNB Chain, to the Optimism Network is through the Synapse Protocol. Their platform allows you to transfer stablecoins like BUSD, USDC or USDT from your Binance wallet to your Optimism wallet on Metamask.

To get started, simply follow this guide:

  1. Visit the Synapse Protocol and connect your MetaMask or Web3 Wallet.
  2. Select BNB Chain and Optimism as your destination network.
  3. Select the stablecoin and amount you want to bridge (USDC, USDT or BUSD).
  4. Confirm the transaction and your coins will be on your Optimism wallet in under 2 minutes.
BNB to Optimism on Synapse
Bridging 1,000 USDC from BNB Chain to Optimism on Synapse.

BNB to Optimism Bridging Fees

The fees to bridge between BNB Chain and the OP Layer 2 network on Ethereum are very cheap. This is because Binance Smart Chain is a low-fee proof of stake network, which charges under 1 cent per transaction.

That said, bridging transactions can be a little bit more expensive - so you can expect to pay up to $5 to move your tokens across to Optimism.

Why should I bridge to Optimism?

Optimism has recently announced the airdrop for their OP token, which is intended to bootstrap projects in their ecosystem. This means that you will be able to earn supercharged yields for depositing or staking tokens like ETH, stablecoins, LYRA, SNX and many others.

You should check out some of their most promising DeFi protocols which includes Lyra Finance, Thales and Perpetual Protocol.

Perpetual Protocol on Optimism
Perpetual Protocol: A decentralized perpetual futures platform.

Is Synapse Safe for Layer 2 Bridging?

Synapse is arguably the safest and most trusted cross-chain DEX available on the open market. If you are looking to bridge from networks other than Ethereum to Layer 2's like Arbitrum, Polygon, Boba, or Optimism - we recommend them over every other interoperability protocol.

Our research has found that their fees are lower, and there is much less slippage when using the Synapse liquidity network.

Final Thoughts

Bridging from BNB Chain to Optimism is a great way to get involved with some of the most promising DeFi projects in the space. By using Synapse, you can bridge your stablecoins and tokens like ETH within minutes while enjoying low fees and slippage.