DAOs on AVAX have exploded ever since the meteoric rise of Wonderland (TIME) created by Daniele Sesta in late 2021. This DAO was an official fork of Olympus DAO (OHM) from Ethereum mainnet that went from a $20M market capitalization to $2 Billion in a matter of months - a 100x in value.

This guide outlines the best DAOs on the Avalanche Network that have followed from Wonderland's footsteps with a goal to iterate on their tokenomics and fundamental design.

Table of Contents

1. Kassandra DAO

The Kassandra DAO is a decentralized and data driven investment fund that takes in the native $KACY token as collateral to invest and trade in other AVAX tokens. They also create 'ETF' like index products of AVAX based cryptocurrencies to allow Avalanche users to get easy access to the top cryptos on the network.

They take a fee every time someone buys or sells their ETFs and redistributes the profits to Kassandra DAO members. Their platform is only valued at $500,000 making it a very exciting opportunity with the potential for upside.

Kassandra DAO AVAX
Kassandra DAO.

2. Maximizer DAO

Maximizer is one of the few remaining pure OHM forks that operates as a DAO on the AVAX network. They currently offer a 38% APY to stake and bond their MAXI token to incentivise long-term holders and sticky capital.

Their aim is to raise capital and invest in the growing ecosystem of Metaverse and NFT projects that are deploying on the Avalanche network. As at time of writing, they manage a little over $3 Million in capital on the AVAX network within their DAO.

Maximizer DAO AVAX
Maximizer DAO.

3. FIEF Guild $FIEF

FIEF Guild is an NFT and GameFi guild DAO on AVAX that is similar to others on Ethereum mainnet like Yield Guild Games (YGG). Their DAO takes in capital and invests in NFTs and games to farm them and redistribute the profits to members of the DAO.

At the moment, they are one of the largest investors in Crabada (CRA) which is the most popular GameFi app on AVAX. Unlike other DAOs, you have to buy NFTs on their marketplace instead of the token to stake and become a member. They are the largest GameFi DAO on AVAX at the moment.

Fief Guild.

4. Wonderland DAO

Wonderland by Daniele Sesta is the largest DAO ever created on the AVAX network. Their platform currently manages over $293m in assets and invests in DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse and other sectors in crypto. They have recently fallen out of favour however since the public found out that their CFO is a convicted felon in the US.

Their CFO, known as Sifu was sent to prison for fraud when he scammed users in Canada from the Quadriga cryptocurrency exchange. Since then, a lot of community members have left the Wonderland DAO and moved onto to newer platforms.

Wonderland DAO AVAX
Wonderland DAO.

5. JPEG Vault

JPEG Vault is the original $JPEG token and DAO on AVAX that is backed by the best NFTs on the Avalanche network. They are a new and low market cap currency that is valued a little over $1m, highlighting a very interesting opportunity.

When they buy and sell NFTs they redistribute the profits to their holders paid out in ETH or WETH.e, which is the native Ethereum token on the AVAX network.

JPEG Vault.

Should I Invest in DAOs on AVAX?

Investing in DAOs on the Avalanche network is incredibly risky because there have been several 'rug-pulls' in the past. A rug pull is when the creator of the DAO essentially terminates the smart contract and exit scams with all of the users investment funds.

DAOs on AVAX and other networks have had a pretty bad history and have been pretty bad investments when you backtest their performance. So please invest with care and do your own diligence!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the rise of Wonderland on the AVAX network has sparked a surge in the creation of new DAOs, each with unique investment opportunities and approaches. This guide highlights some of the best DAOs on the Avalanche Network, including Kassandra DAO, Maximizer DAO, FIEF Guild, Wonderland DAO, and JPEG Vault. However, it is important to exercise caution when investing in DAOs, as there have been instances of rug-pulls in the past. It is crucial to conduct thorough research and due diligence before investing in any DAO on AVAX or other networks.