Summary: Turkey's leading cryptocurrency exchanges stand out for their adherence to the regulatory framework established by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB). Prioritizing investor safety and asset security, these platforms comply with stringent guidelines and undergo thorough assessments by independent financial institutions.

Discover the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges in Turkey, offering user-centric interfaces, fast deposits, varied trading options, and competitive fees:

  1. Binance - Binance Overall Exchange in Turkey
  2. Bybit - Top Alternative Exchange in Turkey
  3. OKX - Ideal for Derivatives Traders
  4. Paribu - Finest Turkey-based Exchange
  5. KuCoin - Best for No KYC Trading

Best Crypto Exchange in Turkey - Binance

Platform Highlights

  • Buy and sell over 350 cryptocurrencies with industry-leading fees.
  • Licensed and regulated in Turkey by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB).
  • Free and Instant Turkish Lira (TRY) deposits via Bank Transfers, Credit Cards and more.
Best Crypto Exchange in Turkey
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Best Crypto Trading Platforms in Turkey

Our experts have rigorously assessed more than 20 cryptocurrency platforms to reveal the top 5 choices for investors in Turkey. In order to pinpoint Turkey's finest exchanges, we performed in-depth evaluations, closely examining and contrasting the pros and cons of each platform. Based on our analysis, we present a compact summary of the Top 5 Crypto Exchanges in Turkey.

1. Binance

Binance earns the title of Turkey's best crypto exchange, boasting robust regulatory compliance and a secure, trustworthy platform for trading digital assets. Renowned globally, Binance offers an extensive selection of over 350 crypto assets, industry-leading 0.1% fees, and diverse trading options. Catering to various investors, the user-friendly interface simplifies transactions while strong security measures ensure confidence.

Binance's combination of compliance, diverse features, ease of use, and security reinforces its status as the premier crypto exchange for Turkish investors. They also offer the best Turkish Lira (TRY) deposit methods with bank transfers, Advcash, debit cards, credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay and more available to users.

Best Exchanges in Turkey

2. Bybit

Bybit stands out as a highly popular cryptocurrency exchange globally, with its headquarters in Singapore. The platform was established by Ben Zhou, a well-regarded figure in the crypto industry. Bybit specializes in cryptocurrency derivatives trading, providing up to 100x leverage, and is known for not requiring KYC (identity verification) for its users.

This exchange is recognized as the second-best cryptocurrency exchange in Turkey. Our researchers selected Bybit due to its dedicated 24/7 Turkish-speaking customer support and platform availability in Turkish. Bybit also caters to the needs of Turkish investors by prioritizing security, transparency, and privacy. It refrains from demanding KYC while ensuring complete transparency in its assets through proof of reserves, confirming a 1:1 holding of funds.

Bybit Turkey

3. OKX

OKX is our third-ranked cryptocurrency exchange that has captured the attention of Turkish investors. With a global presence and a strong reputation in the industry, OKX offers a diverse range of trading options, including spot trading, derivatives trading, crypto asset staking  and options trading. The platform supports numerous over 300 cryptocurrencies and provides competitive fees that start at just 0.1%.

OKX has taken steps to cater to the Turkish market, offering a Turkish language option and convenient Turkish Lira (TRY) deposit methods. This means that users can safely and easily deposit TRY from any Turkish bank account or payment method. Its commitment to security and regulatory compliance ensures a safe trading environment for Turkish users.

4 Paribu

Paribu takes 4th place as a Turkey-based cryptocurrency exchange, which has quickly gained popularity among Turkish investors. The platform offers a seamless experience, with a user-friendly interface available in Turkish, making it easy for local investors to navigate. Paribu supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including major coins and promising altcoins, all paired with the Turkish Lira (TRY).

Paribu takes security and transparency seriously, employing advanced security measures, and adhering to the regulations set by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB). Its dedicated customer support team, available in Turkish, further enhances the user experience for Turkish investors.

5. KuCoin

KuCoin emerges as our 5th choice for Turkish investors with a particular interest in altcoin trading. This exchange offers an impressive array of over 700 cryptocurrencies, encompassing both well-established coins and undiscovered gems. KuCoin's intuitive interface, competitive trading fees, and sophisticated trading capabilities position it as a top contender for Turkish altcoin aficionados.

Catering to the Turkish market, KuCoin provides language support in Turkish and accommodates multiple deposit methods for the Turkish Lira (TRY). The platform's unwavering commitment to security, user privacy, and adherence to regulatory standards establishes a dependable and credible trading environment for Turkey's burgeoning crypto market.


Is Cryptocurrency Regulated in Turkey?

Yes, cryptocurrency in Turkey is regulated by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB), which serves as the nation's financial markets regulator. The CMB mandates cryptocurrency exchanges to obtain a license to operate in Turkey and adhere to strict regulations to safeguard the safety and security of investors. All exchanges on this list can legally provide services to Turkish investors.

To secure a license from the CMB, cryptocurrency exchanges must fulfill a variety of requirements, such as anti-money laundering (AML), financial reporting, and more. The CMB also performs regular inspections and audits of cryptocurrency exchanges to ensure ongoing compliance.

How is Crypto Taxed in Turkey?

In Turkey, cryptocurrency is subject to capital gains tax, with a tax rate of up to 15%. The tax is applied to gains made from buying and selling cryptocurrencies, and losses can be deducted from gains. Additionally, individuals who trade cryptocurrencies as a business may be subject to value-added tax (VAT). It's essential to consult with a tax professional for guidance on tax obligations related to cryptocurrency trading in Turkey.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Turkey's top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges provide investors with secure, user-friendly platforms for trading digital assets while adhering to the regulatory framework set by the CMB. Binance leads the pack, followed by Bybit, OKX, Paribu, and KuCoin, each catering to specific trading preferences and offering a range of features, competitive fees, and deposit options. These exchanges prioritize investor safety, asset security, and compliance with Turkish regulations, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy trading environment for Turkey's growing cryptocurrency market.

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