Baby Ape Social Club Review

Baby Ape Social Club Review

Karen Tren
Fact Checked
Jun 7, 2022

Summary: The Baby Ape Social Club is a popular NFT on Solana that consists of 5,000 unique pieces of art that were inspired by Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

Baby Ape Social Club currently has a floor price of 4.888 SOL, which is approximately a $150 USD minimum.

Baby Ape Social Club NFT Review

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What is the Baby Ape Social Club?

The Baby Ape Social Club is an NFT on Solana. It is a club for people who want to connect with other like-minded individuals and make friends with apes. The club has a variety of benefits, including discounts on products and services, exclusive events, and more.

The club also helps support the baby ape population by donating a portion of its proceeds to ape conservation organizations. If you're looking for an NFT with a purpose, the Baby Ape Social Club is a great option.

Where can I buy Baby Ape Social Club?

The best two marketplaces for Baby Ape Social Club investors are either OpenSea (Solana Edition) or Magic Eden. We recommend Magic Eden because it is the best NFT Marketplace on Solana that only services SOL NFTs and the Solana community.

Buy Baby Ape Social Club Magic Eden

OpenSea is a more generic NFT Marketplace for Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and other networks. We also noted that the marketplace fee on OpenSea is slightly higher than Magic Eden at 2.5% compared to 1.5% on the Solana native NFT Marketplace.

Is Baby Ape Social Club a Scam or Rug Pull?

Baby Ape Social Club is not a scam and has been building a real and legitimate community of Solana NFT enthusiasts. Many NFT investors are concerned with the state of NFTs on Solana after the infamous Solana Doodle Apes rug, however our team has reason to believe that Baby Ape Social Club is a real project backed by a real team.

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