Summary: The best way to bridge from Avalanche C Chain (AVAX) to Polygon (MATIC) is through a decentralized bridging protocol. The easiest and most secure bridging applications that support AVAX and MATIC are Synapse and Multichain.

That said, we recommend Synapse because their platform offers lower fees and better slippage on assets like USDC, WETH and more to bridge between Avalanche and Polygon.

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How to Bridge Avalanche AVAX to Polygon (MATIC)

If you want to move your AVAX tokens to the MATIC network (or vice versa), you'll need to use a bridge. A bridge is a tool that allows you to transfer assets between two different networks.

The best way to to do this is through the Synapse Protocol, you can follow the guide below to get started.

  1. Visit Synapse Protocol
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet
  3. Select a stablecoin like USDC to bridge from AVAX to MATIC
  4. Confirm the transfer and the USDC will arrive in your MATIC Metamask wallet in minutes
AVAX to Matic Bridge via Synapse protocol
AVAX to MATIC bridge via Synapse Protocol

Bridge MATIC to AVAX

If you are looking to do bridge MATIC tokens to AVAX, and not AVAX tokens to MATIC - you can also do this on Synapse protocol. Simply connect your Polygon or MATIC Metamask wallet to Synapse, and send the transfer to AVAX instead of doing it the other way around.

It should take less than 3 minutes to bridge assets from MATIC to AVAX, or from AVAX to MATIC.

Why use Synapse to bridge AVAX to MATIC?

Synapse Protocol is the largest and most trusted decentralized bridge in crypto that connects many chains including AVAX, Polygon, BSC, Optimism, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Boba Network, MOVR and many others.

They are the cheapest and fastest way to bridge major stablecoins like USDC or USDT to any of the available networks.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Synapse Protocol offers the most efficient and secure way to bridge Avalanche C Chain (AVAX) and Polygon (MATIC) through its decentralized bridging solution. With low fees, minimal slippage, and a simple process for transferring assets between networks, Synapse provides a seamless experience for users bridging AVAX to MATIC or vice versa. Trust in Synapse for its extensive cross-chain support and commitment to providing the fastest and most cost-effective bridging service in the crypto space.