Summary: The easiest way to add zkSync is via the ChainList app, which connects your wallet to any Web3 network, including zkSync, with a simple click. Alternatively, you can connect directly to the zkSync Era Mainnet using the provided RPC details and network ID.

Continue reading the guide below for a step-by-step breakdown on how to get started.

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Can I add zkSync to MetaMask?

Yes, zkSync, a Layer 2 scaling solution, is fully compatible with Ethereum and its Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), hence it's supported by MetaMask. Leveraging zero-knowledge proof technology, zkSync enhances Ethereum's capacity, expediting ETH and ERC20 transfers by skipping on-chain confirmations. This accelerates transactions while reducing fees.

By adding zkSync to your MetaMask, you gain speedy, affordable transactions, upholding the security and decentralization principles of Ethereum.

How to add zkSync to MetaMask

The most straightforward way to add the zkSync Layer 2 solution to your MetaMask Wallet, or alternative Web3 wallet, is with an application called ChainList. The ChainList app enables users to locate any Web3 network and effortlessly connect with a simple click. To assist you with this process, here is our easy 4-step guide:

  1. Navigate to ChainList and link your wallet.
  2. Look for 'zkSync' in the search bar.
  3. Find and click on the 'Connect Wallet' button.
  4. Your wallet automatically links to the zkSync network.
zkSync MetaMask

zkSync Era Mainnet RPC Details

If you would prefer to directly connect to the zkSync Era Mainnet, here is the official zkSync RPC details and network ID:

  • Network Name: zkSync Era Mainnet
  • RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 324
  • Currency Symbol: ETH
  • Block Explorer URL:

What is zkSync?

ZkSync is a Layer 2 solution for scaling the Ethereum network. zkSync uses zero-knowledge proofs to allow users to transfer ETH and ERC20 tokens without needing to wait for on-chain confirmations.  Zero-knowledge proofs are a way of proving something is true without revealing any additional information beyond what is being proven.

For example, a user could prove they own a certain token without revealing their balance. This is possible because zkSync breaks up transactions into small "chunks" called ultraviolet rays (UVRs). These UVRs are then bundled together and only the final result is published on-chain. If you want to learn more about the zkSync wallet, read our extended MetaMask Review.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, integrating zkSync, a Layer 2 scaling solution, into your MetaMask Wallet is a straightforward process that can be easily executed with the assistance of the ChainList app. Not only does this enhance the speed of your ETH and ERC20 transfers, it also significantly reduces transaction fees, all while maintaining the security and decentralization of Ethereum.

Should you choose to directly connect to the zkSync Era Mainnet, you can use the provided RPC details and network ID. Ultimately, the addition of zkSync to MetaMask offers a great opportunity to leverage the scalability and efficiency of Ethereum, transforming your transaction experience.

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