Summary: You can easily add Tether (USDT) to your MetaMask wallet by inputting the correct contract address, which varies depending on your chosen network (e.g., Ethereum, Polygon, or Avalanche). CoinMarketCap is a reliable source for verified USDT contract addresses as it aggregates all the Tether details across every chain. Always ensure you're using the authentic contract address for secure and quick transactions.

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Can I Add Tether to MetaMask?

Yes, you can add the Tether (USDT) token to your MetaMask wallet by inputting the verified contract address to your account. To do this, you must first figure out the network you plan to use USDT on, for example, Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, or Avalanche. Always ensure you've got the right contract address for the specific network you've selected. Otherwise, you might not be dealing with the authentic Tether token.

How to Add Tether (USDT) to MetaMask

The most secure way to add Tether (USDT) to your MetaMask wallet is by relying on a trustworthy source that provides all the necessary contract addresses, like a blockchain aggregator tool. CoinMarketCap is our recommended platform for this, as it offers verified USDT contract addresses for as many as 30 different layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains and is the leading data provider in the digital asset space.

Here's a straightforward guide to get you started:

  1. Navigate to the USDT page on CoinMarketCap.
  2. Locate the "Contract" button, which you'll typically find at the bottom left corner of the page.
  3. Click the MetaMask icon to add USDT to the Ethereum mainnet. If you're using another network, click the 3 dots to pick the one you're interested in.
  4. Upon clicking, your MetaMask wallet will automatically prompt you to add the verified contract address for USDT.
Add Tether (USDT) to MetaMask
Adding Tether (USDT) to MetaMask.

Why are there Different USDT Addresses?

Tether operates across multiple blockchains, and each of these networks has its own unique architecture. This is why USDT has different contract addresses depending on the blockchain it's hosted on. For instance, Tether on the Ethereum network is an ERC-20 token, while on Solana, it's an SPL token. Each version of USDT is unique to its host blockchain, which is why they have different contract addresses.

Can I Add TRC20 USDT to MetaMask? 

The straightforward answer is no, you can't add TRC20 USDT to MetaMask. The reason is that the Tron Network, which hosts TRC20 tokens, is not Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible. MetaMask is designed to support EVM-compatible blockchains, which means it doesn't support the Tron Network. If you're looking to store or transact TRC20 USDT, you'll need to use an alternative wallet that does support the Tron Network. Trust Wallet is one such option that you can consider for this purpose.

Tron TRC20 USDT.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, adding Tether (USDT) to your MetaMask wallet is a straightforward process, but it's crucial to ensure you're using the correct contract address for the network you've chosen, whether it's Ethereum, Polygon, or others. For a reliable source of verified USDT contract addresses across multiple networks, we recommend CoinMarketCap, which is an audited data provider that ensures safe onboarding.