Add Sui to MetaMask Wallet

Add Sui to MetaMask Wallet

Adrian Graham
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Oct 20, 2022

Summary: The Sui blockchain cannot be added to a MetaMask Wallet because it is not Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible. Users will need to download and install the Sui Wallet extension to participate in the devnet and potentially earn airdrop rewards for being an early user.

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How to add Sui Wallet to Google Chrome

As mentioned above, the Sui network is not built using the solidity programming language which means it cannot be added to a MetaMask wallet. That said, the team behind Sui have built their own Sui Wallet which functions the same as popular wallets like MetaMask or Phantom for Solana.

Sui Wallet

You can download and install the Sui Wallet in 3 simple steps:

  1. Visit the Sui Wallet extension and download it
  2. Set up your account and save your seed phrase
  3. You will be automatically connected to the Sui Devnet and read to test the network

How to get Sui Testnet Tokens

If you want to interact with DeFi and NFT applications on the Sui Devnet, you will need to acquire Sui testnet tokens. You can follow the video guide below to safely acquire Sui testnet tokens in minutes.

Alternative Wallets for Sui Blockchain

There is only one alternative wallet for the Sui network called the Ethos Wallet. The wallet was created by Nod Labs who are a team based in Silicon Valley in the United States. While the wallet is currently functional and compatible with Sui and the Sui testnet, we found it to be less useable and less intuitive than the Sui Wallet.

Ethos Wallet
Ethos Wallet for Sui Network.

Will Sui have an Airdrop for Testnet Participation?

The team behind Sui has not yet announced an airdrop for testnet participants. However, they have hinted that there may be some sort of reward system for those who participate in the devnet and help test the network.

Some teams have teased the idea of a SUI airdrop in the future, which makes us believe that it is likely testnet users will receive compensation for participating in the beta.

What is Sui?

Sui is a new smart contract platform built by Mysten Labs that uses a novel consensus mechanism to enable fast and scaleable applications. The project is backed by major VCs including FTX, a16z Crypto, Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures and others, making it one of the most  well-funded projects in the space.

Sui Crypto

The native token of the Sui network is called SUI and will be used to pay transaction fees, gas costs and will also be needed to stake in order to validate transactions on the network. The only way to receive an allocation to the token before it goes live is by participating in the testnet.

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