Summary: In short, adding the STEPN token to your MetaMask Wallet is simple because it's an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible token. The recommended way to do this is through the Coingecko App, which provides all token information and multi-chain contract addresses. For a step-by-step guide on adding the STEPN token to your MetaMask Wallet, keep reading this article.

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How to Add STEPN (GMT) to MetaMask

If you are looking to add the STEPN (GMT) token to your MetaMask Wallet, the best way to do this is by using CoinGecko. Their platform aggregates all of the verified contract information for tokens like STEPN across multiple layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains.

You can add the STEPN token to your wallet in just a few steps with this guide:

  1. Visit CoinGecko STEPN Page.
  2. Select the 'Contract' button underneath the 'Info' subheading.
  3. Find the Ethereum contract address and click the MetaMask icon.
  4. Your MetaMask Wallet will then prompt you to add STEPN and you're done!
Add STEPN to MetaMask.

What is STEPN?

Stepn, a lifestyle app developed by FindSatoshi Lab, combines augmented reality gaming and play-to-earn mechanics, rewarding users with cryptocurrency for physical activity. Users buy NFT sneakers to participate, with the sneaker's upgraded characteristics affecting the amount of Green Satoshi Token (GST) earned. More GST can be made by purchasing additional sneakers for more energy, enabling longer "move-to-earn" sessions. Players can also earn a governance token, GMT, allowing them to vote on the platform's future. Despite initial success, the high cost of NFTs and regulatory challenges in some countries pose potential hurdles for Stepn.

Can you Make Money on Stepn?

Yes, you can earn money on Stepn. The app rewards users with its native cryptocurrency, Green Satoshi Token (GST), for physical activities. However, earnings depend on the purchase and upgrade of in-game NFT sneakers, and the GST's price volatility.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Stepn offers a unique fusion of augmented reality gaming and play-to-earn mechanics, turning physical activities into opportunities for earning cryptocurrency. While the potential for profit exists, it's crucial to consider the costs involved, including purchasing and upgrading NFT sneakers, and the price fluctuations of GST. Furthermore, integrating the STEPN token into your MetaMask Wallet is a straightforward process with platforms like CoinGecko providing necessary contract information.