How to add Terra Luna to Metamask Wallet

How to add Terra Luna to Metamask Wallet

Alysha Jane
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May 21, 2022

For a quick summary, you cannot add the Terra network to Metamask as it is not an EVM compatible chain which means you can't add Luna directly to the Web3 Wallet.

There are however alternative ways to get your funds off Terra Station to an EVM supported chain like Arbitrum that is supported by Metamask. You simply need to bridge between Terra and an EVM supported network to get your funds onto Metamask. 

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How to Add Luna Terra to Metamask

As mentioned above you cannot add Terra to Metamask but you can bridge your funds from Terra to Arbitrum. Once your funds are on Arbitrum you will be able to view them in your Metamask wallet. Follow the below guide to get started. 

Step One: Go to Synapse and select ‘Terra’ and ‘Fantom’ as the two networks
Step Two:
Enter the amount of UST (this is the only token you can bridge) you want to send
Step Three: The funds will arrive in your Metamask wallet within minutes

Should I buy Luna?

Just last month Luna was trading at $118 placed the eighth largest cryptocurrency token. However, the price dropped a staggering 95% in a matter of 48 hours and it saw the worst when the price tumbled down to $0.09. The reason for the downturn was the loss of the stablecoin UST dollar peg, which eventually led to the crash in LUNA prices. 

We recommend doing a lot of research before purchasing LUNA and do not advise investing in the token. 

Terra Luna Live Price

Below you can find the live price of LUNA Terra in USD. 

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