The Ethereum POW (ETHW) mainnet was officially released by the team on the 15th of September, approximately 8 hours after the Ethereum Merge was finalised.

In this guide, we outline how to add the new Ethereum POW fork (ETHW) network to your MetaMask Wallet so you can claim the forthcoming airdrop. Get started quickly with the verified ChainID and RPC details.

Ethereum POW (ETH)
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How to add Ethereum POW (ETHW) to MetaMask Wallet

The ETHW network is compatible with MetaMask Wallets because it is a fork of Ethereum mainnet and is written in the same programming language called Solidity. This means that users can easily add the Etherum POW fork to their MetaMask Wallet, Trust Wallet or alternative Web3 wallet.

Follow the simple 4 step guide below to add the currently live ETHW Testnet:

  1. Download a MetaMask Wallet or sign in to your existing account.
  2. Select the Metamask browser extension and click 'Add Networks'.
  3. Input the ETH POW RPC information to enable ETHW Chain on your Metamask Wallet.
  4. Once you have connected your Metamask Wallet to Ethereum POW, you will then be able to claim your airdrop and sell your ETHW coins.
Input the Ethereum POW (ETHW) RPC information here.

Ethereum POW (ETHW) RPC Details

The information below is the verified RPC information for the Ethereum POW (ETHW) mainnet network. You will need to input this information to your MetaMask Wallet to interact with the need work and sell your airdrop tokens:

That said, to connect to the Ethereum POW (ETHW) testnet IceBerg, you will need to add the following RPC information:

  • Network Name: ETHW-mainnet
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 10001
  • Currency Symbol: ETHW
  • Block Explorer URL:

What is Ethereum POW Fork?

Ethereum POW (ETHW) is a new cryptocurrency that will be forked from the Ethereum network once they make their transition to Proof-of-Stake after the Ethereum Merge goes live. There is no evidence that the ETHW token or ecosystem will have any value and that there will be applications and developers migrating to the platform.

The primary purpose of the Ethereum POW (ETHW) fork is to create an ecosystem that existing ASIC miners can continue to mine and use as a revenue source. Many proponents of the digital asset ecosystem believe that ETHW fork has no sustainable future and that the using the network may be risky due to inadequate development and testing.

Final Thoughts

Adding Ethereum POW (ETHW) to your MetaMask Wallet or other compatible Web3 wallet is a relatively simple process. The above guide will help you get started connecting your MetaMask wallet to the ETHW mainnet, as well as provide you with the RPC information needed for interaction.

As mentioned before, it's important to understand that at this point in time, there is no evidence that the ETHW token or ecosystem will have any value and that investing in ETHW tokens may be risky. Before investing in any cryptocurrency, always research and understand its potential implications before engaging with it.