Summary: Ethereum POW (ETHW), a proof-of-work version of Ethereum, is compatible with EVM and can be seamlessly connected to MetaMask. This integration is facilitated by adding the verified RPC details and Network ID, enabling users to manage ETHW tokens and interact with smart contracts within the ETHW network. This guide highlights the ease of connecting ETHW to MetaMask, offering a solution for those preferring the proof-of-work approach in the evolving blockchain ecosystem.

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Can I Add Ethereum POW to MetaMask?

Certainly, EthereumPOW (ETHW), the forked version of Ethereum that continues to use the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism, can be integrated with MetaMask. This integration allows users and developers to manage ETHW tokens and utilize Ethereum-based smart contracts within the ETHW network. The inclusion of ETHW in MetaMask provides a seamless experience, enabling transactions and smart contract interactions on a network that sustains the traditional PoW model.

How to add Ethereum POW (ETHW) to MetaMask Wallet

Integrating the Ethereum POW (ETHW) network with MetaMask Wallets is a straightforward process, thanks to ETHW's compatibility with Ethereum's mainnet architecture and its use of the Solidity programming language. This compatibility ensures that users can seamlessly add the Ethereum POW fork to various Web3 wallets, including MetaMask and Trust Wallet. Here's a concise yet comprehensive 4-step guide to adding the active ETHW Testnet:

  1. Install the MetaMask Wallet if you haven't already, or log in to your existing account.
  2. Open the Metamask browser extension and select 'Add Networks'.
  3. Enter the necessary Ethereum POW RPC information to activate the ETHW Chain in your MetaMask Wallet.
  4. After linking your Metamask Wallet to Ethereum POW, you're set to receive your airdrop and manage your ETHW coins.
Input the Ethereum POW (ETHW) RPC information here.

Ethereum POW (ETHW) RPC Details

To fully engage with the Ethereum POW (ETHW) network using your MetaMask Wallet, specific RPC (Remote Procedure Call) details are required. These details facilitate the connection to the network, enabling transactions, and the management of airdrop tokens. Here's the verified RPC configuration for the Ethereum POW (ETHW) mainnet, followed by the necessary information for connecting to the ETHW mainnet:

For the Ethereum POW (ETHW) Mainnet:

Inputting this information into your MetaMask Wallet allows you to interact seamlessly with the Ethereum POW network, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.

What is Ethereum POW Fork?

Ethereum POW (ETHW) is a fork of the Ethereum blockchain that emerged following Ethereum's transition from a proof-of-work (PoW) to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism during "The Merge" in September 2022. This fork was created to maintain the PoW model, supporting miners who rely on computational power for transaction validation and block creation.

ETHW operates with the same programming language and structure as the original Ethereum but continues to use the energy-intensive PoW consensus, contrasting with Ethereum's shift towards energy efficiency and scalability with PoS. The creation of ETHW primarily catered to the segment of the Ethereum community who preferred the traditional mining approach.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, adding Ethereum POW (ETHW) to MetaMask is a user-friendly process that extends MetaMask's functionality to accommodate the ETHW network, preserving the proof-of-work model. By following the detailed steps and entering the specified RPC information, users can effortlessly integrate ETHW with their MetaMask Wallet, enabling them to manage ETHW tokens and engage with smart contracts on this forked blockchain. This integration not only aligns with the needs of traditional miners and users preferring PoW but also enhances the overall versatility and utility of MetaMask in the diverse landscape of blockchain technologies.