Summary: Core, an EVM-compatible blockchain, can be seamlessly added to MetaMask, offering users a secure and scalable environment for decentralized applications. The process involves simple steps either through ChainList, a verified blockchain aggregating tool for convenience. The alternative method is to manually enter Core's RPC details, enabling efficient interaction with Core’s unique Satoshi Plus consensus mechanism that combines Bitcoin's security with Ethereum's scalability.

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Can I Add Core to MetaMask?

Yes, Core is compatible with MetaMask. This integration enables users to engage with Core’s blockchain, known for its unique Satoshi Plus consensus mechanism. It combines the strengths of Bitcoin and Ethereum, ensuring a secure and scalable platform for decentralized applications. Users benefit from efficient and reliable transactions secured by Bitcoin, while utilizing Core through MetaMask, thanks to its EVM compatibility.

How to Add Core to MetaMask Wallet

Core, renowned for its innovative Satoshi Plus consensus mechanism, offers a harmonious blend of Bitcoin and Ethereum's strengths, presenting a robust environment for decentralized applications. The fastest way to add Core to your MetaMask is by using ChainList, a trusted aggregator of network information in Web3 that provides verified RPC details for every EVM-compatible chains.

To connect Core with your MetaMask wallet and enhance your blockchain interactions, follow these steps:

  1. Visit ChainList: Start by accessing the ChainList website and link your MetaMask wallet.
  2. Search for Core: Use the search feature to find the Core network among the available options.
  3. Select Core: Choose Core from the search results to connect to the authentic Core network, ensuring a secure and accurate integration.
  4. Update MetaMask: Click on 'Add to MetaMask.' This will prompt MetaMask to incorporate Core’s network details into your wallet, facilitating seamless transactions and interactions on the Core platform.
Add Core to MetaMask Wallet
Add Core to MetaMask Wallet via ChainList.

Core RPC Details

To manually integrate Core into your MetaMask wallet, simply input Core’s specific network details. This enables a direct connection to the Core Blockchain Mainnet, allowing you to manage your assets directly through MetaMask, without external platforms. Utilizing this information, you can easily establish a MetaMask connection to Core, enhancing your management of digital assets on the network.

Core RPC Configuration Details:

  • Network Name: Core Blockchain Mainnet
  • Network URL:
  • Chain ID: 1116
  • Currency Symbol: CORE
  • Block Explorer URL:
Core Chain.

Final Thoughts

In summary, adding Core to your MetaMask wallet, whether through ChainList for ease or manually with Core's RPC details, provides a secure and efficient gateway to its innovative blockchain environment. This process harnesses Core's unique Satoshi Plus consensus, blending Bitcoin's security with Ethereum's scalability, thus enhancing your experience with decentralized applications and transactions.