Summary: The best way to add Core to MetaMask is by adding the verified RPC and Chain ID network information to your wallet. Chainlist is an application that allows users to easily connect to the verified details at the click of a button and is our recommended way to getting started. Simply search for Core and select 'Connect to MetaMask' to add the network to your wallet.

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Can you Add Core to MetaMask?

Yes, Core is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), despite primarily being based on the Bitcoin network. It utilizes Bitcoin's impressive mining hash rate to ensure robust security and superior decentralization. What sets Core apart is its ability to support smart contracts, a feature typically associated with Ethereum. This unique capability makes it viable for integration with MetaMask, a functionality typically reserved for Ethereum and similar blockchains.

How to Add Core to MetaMask

As outlined above, the safest and easiest way to add the Core network to your MetaMask Wallet is through the Chainlist App. Chainlist an EVM network aggregator that collects all of the verified RPC and Chain ID information to allow users to safely and seamlessly connect to all major Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains.

Here is a simple 4 step guide to getting started:

  1. Visit ChainList and connect your wallet.
  2. Search for "Core Blockchain" in the search tab.
  3. Find Core and click "Add to MetaMask".
  4. Your MetaMask Wallet will then prompt you to add the network and you're done!
Add Core to MetaMask
Adding Core to MetaMask with Chainlist.

What Applications are on Core?

Core is a relatively new Layer 1 network, which means there are very few DeFi, NFT and other decentralized applications available on the platform. That said, some of the more popular apps include IceCreamSwap, LiteCore, Coreinu and ShadowSwap.

ShadowSwap is currently the largest and most liquid decentralized exchange on the platform. It is a fork of Pancakeswap and allows users to trade, earn and lend their assets out for interest.

What is Core?

The Core Blockchain is a proposed new, independent blockchain that is intended to be the foundational technology for Web 3. It utilizes a new consensus mechanism called Satoshi Plus and is designed to be Turing-complete, which means it is capable of handling a wide range of computational tasks. The Core Blockchain combines the Bitcoin mining hashrate and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and uses a protocol-driven validator election mechanism to achieve a balance of security, scalability, and decentralization. In summary, the Core Blockchain is an innovative blockchain that aims to address some of the challenges facing current blockchain technology.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, adding Core to your MetaMask wallet is easy and can be done through the Chainlist app, which is a safe and simple way to connect to the verified RPC and Chain ID network information. While Core is a relatively new Layer 1 network with limited DeFi, NFT, and other decentralized applications available, it does have popular apps such as IceCreamSwap, LiteCore, Coreinu, and ShadowSwap, which is currently the largest and most liquid decentralized exchange on the platform.