Summary: Bybit is the better overall exchange compared to KuCoin. Our review found that Bybit offers better security guarantees, lower fees, deeper liquidity and more features than KuCoin when compared head to head.

These advantages are why Bybit is a more popular exchange with more users and more volume traded on a daily basis across most crypto pairs.

KuCoin vs Bybit | Bybit Wins
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Bybit vs KuCoin Overview

Bybit and KuCoin are two of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. Both platforms offer a variety of features and benefits that make them stand out from the rest. Here's a high-level overview of some of the key differences between Bybit and KuCoin:

  • Bybit offers a leverage of up to 125x, while KuCoin only offers a leverage of up to 10x.
  • Both platforms do not require KYC or ID verification to sign up.
  • Bybit has lower trading fees than KuCoin (0.01% vs 0.02%).
  • Bybit offers a wider range of markets, including futures and margin trading.
  • Bybit has deeper liquidity and more volume trade on most trading pairs.
  • KuCoin has better Google and iOS App Reviews compared to Bybit, so it may be more mobile friendly.

Overall, both Bybit and KuCoin are both great exchanges with a lot to offer users. However, it is clear that Bybit has a clear edge on most factors when objectively trying to determine which platform is superior. You can continue reading for a deeper breakdown.

Bybit vs KuCoin Fees

Bybit offers the lowest fees out of any centralized cryptocurrency exchange in the world with spot trading fees starting from 0.1% and makers/takers fees starting from 0.01%/0.06%. All deposits and withdrawals are free on Bybit.

KuCoin also offers very low fees with spot trading fee matching Bybit's at 0.1% and makers/takers fees are 0.02%/0.06%. Most deposits on KuCoin are free but withdrawals require a small flat fee for crypto withdrawals.

Bybit Fees Schedule

Winner: Both Bybit and KuCoin charge relatively low fees for trading and deposits. Deposits are also free on both platforms. However, KuCoin does have a small withdrawal fee for some assets, so Bybit overall has better fees.

Security, licensing & regulation

Bybit is a licensed and regulated cryptocurrency exchange with strong security measures in place. It has never been subjected to any form of cyber attack.

KuCoin is also a secure platform, but is not currently regulated in any country and has been subject to multiple hacking incidents. The most recent one had over $350M siphoned from the exchange.

Winner: Bybit is regulated in Singapore and has never been hacked whereas Kucoin is not regulated and has been cyber-attacked multiple times.

Supported digital assets (cryptocurrencies)

Bybit offers trading on over 450 cryptocurrencies and other digital assets including options.

KuCoin offers significantly more cryptocurrencies with 700 available on the platform, however, it only offers cryptocurrency investing.

Supported Cryptocurrencies on KuCoin

Winner: Bybit and KuCoin offer a wide range of supported cryptocurrencies. However, KuCoin has a slightly larger selection of assets available.

Bybit and KuCoin staking options

Bybit offers some of the best cryptocurrency staking options in the industry, with high returns and low risk. There are over four classes of cryptocurrency staking options including single and double-sided staking for over 100 cryptocurrencies and pairs.

KuCoin has two cryptocurrency staking options with flexible and fixed terms but the returns are significantly lower than Bybit. One of the staking options only offers fixed terms from 14 days to 365 days.

Bybit Staking Options

Winner: Bybit offers more staking options and higher APY (Annual Percentage Yield) than KuCoin does.

Customer support and online communities

Bybit offers live customer support in over 30 languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Portuguese, Russian and more. In addition to language options, Bybit is available in the following online communities - Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Medium & LinkedIn.

KuCoin also has a strong customer support team and large social media presence, you can find them on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Medium and VK.

Winner: Bybit is more diverse and offers support in over 30 languages, plus it's available on more social media platforms.

Mobile app and reviews

Bybit is available on both iOS and Android, it is currently rated 3.9 stars from 600 reviews on the App store and 4 stars from 68K reviews on the Google Play store.

KuCoin is also supported on iOS and Android, it has a high 4.7-star rating from 15K reviews and is ranked #107 in the Finance category on the App store. It is ranked 4.4 stars from 100K reviews on the Google Play store.

KuCoin Mobile App - iPhone Screenshot

Winner: KuCoin has a significantly higher rating and ranking on both the App and Google Play store.

Final Verdict

So, which is the better No KYC crypto exchange? Bybit or KuCoin? Overall, Bybit is the better option. It's a licensed and regulated platform with strong security measures in place. It also offers a wider range of supported assets and some of the best cryptocurrency staking options and features. It has also never been subjected to a cyber attack.

If you are interested in learning more about Bybit, you can visit our Bybit Review.