Exodus Wallet and Coinomi are two of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets in the world. They both allow you to buy, sell and store over 1000 different digital assets, and stake available cryptocurrencies to earn yields of up to 20% APY. 

This Exodus Wallet vs Coinomi comparison is designed to help you find the best crypto wallet for your specific needs.

Coinomi vs Exodus Wallet
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Is Coinomi better than Exodus Wallet?

Based on the data below, it is clear that the Coinomi wallet is the superior software wallet when compared to Exodus. They have been around longer, are the more trusted brand and offer 10x more cryptocurrencies to securely hold.

Another benefit of Coinomi when compared to the Exodus wallet is that they offer cryptocurrency staking for different proof of stake coins. This means you can hold tokens like Avalanche or Ethereum in your wallet and earn up to 8% APY.

Exodus Wallet Coinomi
Available Coins 150 1770
Staking Available No Yes
Security Never Hacked Never Hacked
Year Founded 2015 2014
Website Visit Exodus Visit Coinomi

Does Coinomi and Exodus have Mobile Support?

Both Coinomi and Exodus Wallet offer support for iOS and Android phones. This means that you can access your cryptocurrency 24/7 from mobile or on a laptop or desktop.