Summary: Coinbase is the best overall platform if you are looking to invest in Cryptocurrencies in the United States. This is because they offer hundreds of cryptocurrencies for low fees, compared to Cash App that only allows you to buy Bitcoin.

The Coinbase platform also offers a wide variety of features including Staking, an NFT Marketplace and NFT Wallet, DeFi compatibility and much more.

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Cash App vs Coinbase

CashApp and Coinbase are two of the top destinations for trading crypto in the United States. If you are looking to buy crypto and you are based in the U.S, you may be looking to compare Cash App vs Coinbase to decide on which is right for you.

While Coinbase is a global exchange with presence in over 100 countries, CashApp is an exchange built mainly for U.S residents and those in the UK only. This article compares CashApp vs Coinbase with highlights of their major features to make choosing the right one easier for you.

Cash App vs Coinbase: Fees

Both CashApp and Coinbase have variable fees apart from a few fixed ones. These are usually determined at the time you wish to buy the cryptocurrency.

Factors such as the amount of cryptocurrency you wish to buy, your payment method and the traffic on the blockchain at the time, contribute to determining how much will be charged.

Specifically though, depositing funds using the standard bank deposit method on Cash App does not attract any fees. Instant deposits however attract a fee of 1.5%. Coinbase fee for Debit/credit cards is 3.99%, 1.49% (lowest) for bank transfer, and $10 and $25 for Wire Transfer deposits and withdrawals respectively.

Cash App Coinbase
Available Assets Stocks and Bitcoin 200+ Cryptocurrencies
Deposit Methods Bank Transfer
Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer (ACH), Wire Transfer, PayPal, Apple Pay
Fees 1.5% Deposit and Trade 0.6%
Devices Web, iOS & Android Web, iOS & Android
Crypto Staking No Yes

Cash App vs Coinbase: Available Assets

Cash App allows trading of stocks and BTC only. This is because the idea behind the app was to make buying and transferring BTC from one person to the other as easy as possible for U.S residents.

Coinbase however has a long list of coins, tokens and stablecoins numbering over 100 at the moment.

Cash App vs Coinbase: Security

Both Cash App and Coinbase are trusted platforms for buying and sending crypto in the U.S. Cash App was created by the U.S based fintech company Square Inc., so it is very much trusted.

However unlike Coinbase, your funds are not insured with the FDIC, while Coinbase customers are covered with an FDIC insurance. 97% of Coinbase funds are stored in cold storage as well.

Cash App has also been a soft target for hackers as it’s security is not as high as that of. Coinbase is also fully regulated by mainstream regulators, therefore it can be more reliable.

Transaction Limits

Cash App was designed for micro investing and stocks and BTC. Because of that, it places a strict limit on transactions for both verified and unverified users.

For verified users, they can send up to a maximum of $7500 in a transaction or in a week. Unverified users can only send up to $250 in a week or a maximum of $1000 in a 30-day period.

For Coinbase, there are no fixed limits on transaction volume or the amount of crypto you can buy. Once verified, there is hardly any restriction on how much BTC or any other crypto you can buy on the exchange.

Final Verdict

Both Cash App and Coinbase are quite user-friendly if you are in the U.S or UK. however using a full exchange like Coinbase provides more options and opportunities than Cash App.

Therefore if you wish to buy BTC or any other crypto in the USA, Coinbase may be the best for you.