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How to buy Crypto with TD Bank

How to buy Crypto with TD Bank

Dylan Matthews
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November 29, 2022

Summary: TD Bank and TD EasyWeb both do not directly offer services for their customers to buy Cryptocurrencies through their online banking platform.

This means that Canadian investors will need to use a FINTRAC licensed digital currency exchange like Uphold which has over 200 cryptos and thousands of Stocks and ETFs on their platform.

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Uphold - Canada

  • Trade 200+ Cryptocurrencies with Canadian Dollars (CAD).
  • Stake Crypto and Earn up to 25% APY on your assets.
  • Trade Crypto, Stocks, ETFs & Metals with zero fees on a regulated platform.

Can I buy Crypto with TD EasyWeb Online?

The Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Bank) does not currently offer services for its Canadian customers to buy and sell digital assets through their banking applications. The company CEO Greg Braca has not yet expressed any interest for their suite of services to start offering cryptocurrency products.

This means that you cannot sign into your TD EasyWeb or TD EasyBroker account to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets. You can however deposit CAD via e-Transfer from your TD Bank online account to buy crypto.

How to buy Crypto with TD Bank

If you want to buy cryptocurrency with Canadian Dollars from a TD Bank account, you will need to sign up with a regulated digital asset platform. We recommend Uphold who are one of Canada's largest and most trusted exchanges. They are properly licensed under FINTRAC as a registered digital currency platform, and offer Stocks, ETFs, Commodities and other financial assets.

You will be able to deposit your Canadian Dollars into Uphold from TD Bank instantly and with low fees. The guide below is a high level overview on how to get started.

  1. Sign up to Uphold Canada on Mobile or their Web Application.
  2. Deposit Canadian Dollars (CAD) via e-Transfer from your TD Online Banking account.
  3. Find the asset you want to buy on the Uphold platform.
  4. Input the CAD amount and execute your trade.
buy Crypto TD Bank
Buy Cryptocurrencies and Stocks with TD Bank via Uphold Canada.

Can I trade Crypto on TD WebBroker or TD Direct Investing?

TD WebBroker and TD Direct Investing are the two primary trading and investment platforms for Canadian TD Bank holders. These applications provide access to traditional markets like Stocks, ETFs, Options, Bonds, Commodities and CFDs. Both platforms do not offer cryptocurrency trading or access to Decentralized Finance, NFTs or GameFi.

TD Bank Cryptocurrency Policy

TD Bank does not currently have any policies in place that prohibits their account holders from transacting cryptocurrency. However, it is recommended that you use a regulated exchange based in Canada if you are looking to deposit and withdraw from the exchange with Canadian Dollars.

TD Bank may freeze your account or funds transfers if they are moving to a suspicious and off-shore digital asset trading platform, such as Binance.

About TD Bank

TD Bank is one of the largest banks in Canada, with branches coast-to-coast across the country. The bank offers a full range of personal and business banking products and services, from chequing and savings accounts to credit cards and mortgages.

TD Bank Canada

In Canada, TD Bank Group (TD Bank holding company) also offers a full range of personal and commercial banking products and services through its subsidiaries TD Canada Trust, TD Auto Finance Canada, TD Wealth (Canada), and TD Direct Investing. TD Bank Group is also a leading provider of capital markets, investment banking, and asset management services through its subsidiaries TD Securities and TD Asset Management.

TD Bank Canada has a long history dating back to 1855, when the bank was founded as the Bank of Toronto. Headquartered in Toronto, TD Bank Group has a long history of supporting the communities in which it operates. Through The TD Bank Group Foundation, the bank supports a variety of community initiatives across Canada.

If you're looking for a full-service bank with a long history and a strong presence across Canada, TD Bank Canada is a great option to consider.

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