How to buy Bitcoin with Chase Bank (2021)

Summary: Chase Bank and JP Morgan Securities do not offer services for account holders to buy or sell cryptocurrency directly through their platforms.

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By James Bennington on November 24, 2021

Does Chase Bank offer Crypto? 

Chase Bank and J.P. Morgan Securities both do not offer their clients the ability to buy or sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin in the United States. However, as a Chase Bank account holder you can connect your bank account to a trusted cryptocurrency exchange in the USA like eToro.

How to buy Crypto with a Chase Account

As mentioned earlier, we recommend a trusted cryptocurrency exchange like eToro to start your investing journey. They allow you to deposit US Dollar from a Chase Bank Account instantly and with very low fees. Their platform most importantly offers zero fees - which is unlike popular exchanges like Coinbase who charge up to 4% per deposit and 1% per trade.

The guide below is a high level overview on how to get started.

  1. Sign up to eToro USA
  2. Deposit your USD from Chase Bank via ACH Transfer
  3. Find the cryptocurrency you want to buy
  4. Input the USD amount and buy

Buy Crypto with Chase Bank

Chase Bank Cryptocurrency Policy

JPMorgan Chase Bank CEO Jamie Dimon has historically flip flopped on his positioning with respect to cryptocurrency since it broke the mainstream in 2017. However, his most recent views are more bullish toward the digital asset space which ultimately means Chase Bank account holders can freely transact with regulated cryptocurrency exchanges.

Back in 2017, the were some issues with Chase Bank freezing client funds if they were caught transferring US Dollars into some cryptocurrency exchanges. That has since cleared and ultimately enables account holders to seamlessly get access to crypto.

Trading and Bank Fees

The fees you need to consider as a Chase account holder to start buying digital assets are deposit fees and trading fees.

When you deposit USD from your Chase account into some platforms like eToro, it will be completely free. The next fee you will be charged is after your deposit USD onto the exchange when you buy cryptocurrency. Fortunately for eToro users, and some other exchanges like Robinhood, there are no commissions on transactions.

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