If you're looking to purchase Bitcoin with Payoneer, you'll be happy to know that it's possible! In this guide, we'll show you how to buy Bitcoin with Payoneer step-by-step.

Payoneer is a global payment platform that allows users to send and receive money in over 200 countries. It's a popular choice for online workers and freelancers, as it offers low fees and fast transactions.

You can also get a physical Payoneer card, which can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs or make purchases anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

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Buying Bitcoins with Payoneer

So, how can you use Payoneer to buy Bitcoin? The first step is to sign up for a Payoneer account. Simply go to the Payoneer website and follow the on-screen instructions to create your account.

Once you've created your account, you'll need to link it to your bank account or credit card. This is necessary to fund your Payoneer account so that you can purchase Bitcoin with it.


How to buy Bitcoin with Payoneer

You'll need to find a reliable cryptocurrency exchange that accepts Payoneer cards or accounts as a payment method. The only platforms that currently let you buy cryptocurrency with Payoneer are Paxful and Local Bitcoins. There are peer-to-peer exchanges that connect buyers with sellers who accept Payoneer as a payment method.

You need to be careful when using P2P platforms like Paxful or LocalBitcoins and make sure you're connecting with a reputable seller. You can see in the image below that each seller has reputation points, so you want to stick with the brokers toward the top.

Buy Bitcoin with Payoneer

Once you've selected an exchange and broker, simply navigate through its website and follow their instructions for purchasing Bitcoin using Payoneer. Depending on the exchange you choose, you may be able to buy Bitcoin instantly or you may have to wait for your funds to clear before the purchase is completed.

Are there Payoneer Cards for Buying Cryptocurrency?

There is no specific Payoneer Card that lets you buy cryptocurrency or give you access to particular cryptocurrency services. All Payoneers cards and accounts are generic and require that you go through the same process to buy or sell digital assets through licensed exchanges.

Buy Crypto with Payoneer via Paxful

Paxful is one of the longest running P2P cryptocurrency exchanges that accepts a variety of deposit methods including Payoneer, Zelle, Apple Pay and many others. Their platform is widely regarded to be safe thanks to their extensive vetting and onboarding of sellers and vendors.

For Payoneer buyers of Bitcoin, we recommend Paxful over other P2P platforms./


  • Buy any Crypto with Payoneer
  • Safe and secure sellers
  • Clean and easy to use iOS/Android App
  • Reputation stats make it easy to find trusted sellers


  • P2P¬†fees are 1%
5 Star Buy Bitcoin Rating for Ease of Use
4 Star Buy Bitcoin Rating for Privacy
5 Star Buy Bitcoin Rating for Ease of Use
Visit Paxful

The Oldest P2P Exchange for Payoneer

Local Bitcoins is the oldest P2P network for alternative payment methods like Payoneer or Payoneer cards. Their platform hosts less reputable sellers, so it can be risky - but generally you find cheaper prices to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The fees are also slightly lower on Local Bitcoins and you can expect to pay only 0.5% to buy cryptocurrencies with Payoneer.


  • Lower fees than Paxful
  • No KYC¬†required to onboard
  • Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum


  • Difficult for beginners
  • Higher risk with sellers
5 Star Buy Bitcoin Rating for Ease of Use
4 Star Buy Bitcoin Rating for Privacy
5 Star Buy Bitcoin Rating for Ease of Use
Visit Local Bitcoins

What to look for in a Payoneer Bitcoin Broker?

If you are going to use a P2P exchange to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with Payoneer, these are the following factors you need to consider when selecting a broker:

  • Low Fees: Many of the brokers pick their own fees to complete the transaction. Their fee will not include the platform fee, which is usually around 0.2%. Make sure you try to find a BTC¬†Broker that is charging under 0.6%. Anything higher is too expensive.
  • Reputation:¬†Both Paxful and Local Bitcoins track the reputation of each broker by allowing buyers to leave reviews. You want to find someone who will sell to Payoneer buyers that has had over a 90%¬†success rate.
  • Security:¬†Make sure that the seller never asks for personal information.¬†If they ask for personal information it is a red-flag and you should ultimately avoid them.


How to Deposit and Withdraw with Payoneer

If you are looking to deposit or withdraw USD earned from your Bitcoin sales, it is impossible to do this directly through Payoneer. Once you buy Cryptocurrency from a P2P broker, you will need to deposit the Crypto into a wallet like Coinbase.

From there, you can sell it on Coinbase for USD and withdraw the USD into your bank account from the Coinbase exchange. You cannot sell BTC or ETH directly through Payoneer to get dollars in return.

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