SelfWealth is one of Australia's most popular share trading platforms with over 100,000 active investors trading more than $150 million in daily volume. The SelfWealth investment platform offers a wide variety of features including ASX Markets, US Markets, ETF trading, SMSF investing, and more.

They are well-known for their flat-fee model, which is one of the cheapest ways to trade stocks in Australia. SelfWealth currently charges a flat fee of $9.95 per trade, which is nearly half as cheap as competitors like CommSec.

SelfWealth Review Australia

Australian Licenses: SelfWealth Ltd (ABN 52 154 324 428) holds an AFSL (No. 421789).

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SelfWealth Trading Platform

To summarise the SelfWealth trading platform, we have put together a table below that overviews some key features.


SelfWealth Review
Available Stocks All Australian & US Stock Markets
Trading Fees $9.95 flat fee
Daily Deposit Limits $100,000 AUD
Deposit Methods Bank Transfer, PayID/Osko or POLi
Local and Fast Support Image
Cryptocurrency Trading Image
Regulated by ASIC Image
Mobile App User Experience Image
Web App User Experience Image
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Available Markets on SelfWealth

SelfWealth offers a wide variety of assets across Australian and US stock markets. This includes Ordinary Shares in Australia & US, ETFs, Property Shares, US Notes, Australian Debt Securities, ADRs, and much more.

SelfWealth does not offer support for Crypto or Bitcoin trading, however, their CEO did announce that they are looking into it.

Buy CBA Stocks SelfWealth
Researching and buying Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) stock on SelfWealth.

SelfWealth Fees

SelfWealth offers the lowest fees compared to other major trading platforms based in Australia. Their fee structure is simple, with a flat charge of $9.95 per trade. This makes them half the price of other brokerages like CommSec, NAB Trade or ANZ Share Investing.

  • CommSec: $19.95 per trade
  • NAB Trade: $19.95 per trade
  • ANZ Share Investing: $24.95 per trade

The only other multi-asset brokerage that is cheaper than SelfWealth is eToro, which charges 0 fees up front, but takes a small fee in the spread.

Research and Analysis

The SelfWealth platform offers a free research and analysis service that curates the best research in global markets for its users. You can get the latest breakdowns on US stocks like Tesla or GME, and Australian stocks like Commonwealth Bank and BHP Billiton.

They also provide a nice and easy to understand 'Stock Report' that gives each stock a score based on Earnings, Fundamentals, Relative Valuation, Price Momentum and Risk.

SelfWealth Research on Tesla Inc (TSLA).

SelfWealth US Stocks

SelfWealth gives Australian investors access to over 7,500 different US Stocks and 500 different US-based ETFs. They are the best and cheapest option to invest in US markets with Australian Dollars (AUD).

The selection of US and AUS stocks on SelfWealth.

SelfWealth Free Trades

If you are looking to save money on your trading, you can earn free trades on the SelfWealth platform. All you need to do is refer one friend to the platform to get 5 free ASX trades. You are given 30 days from the time your friend signs up to the platform to redeem your free stock trade!

Final Verdict

SelfWealth is Australia's best share trading platform for low-fee access to ASX and US Stock markets. We recommend their platform for beginners, advanced traders, and even institutional investors and high-net worths.

With their platform set to release cryptocurrency trading this year, SelfWealth is truly an all-in-one trading platform suited for most Aussie investors.

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May 24, 2022

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