MyPayNow is one of Australia's most popular Pay on Demand services that gives you access to a portion of your salary before payday.

The main alternatives to MyPayNow include Beforepay, CommBank AdvancePay, and Fupay. The best alternative is CommBank AdvancePay because they offer a higher borrowing limit of up to $5,000.

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What is MyPayNow?

MyPayNow is a financial application that allows you to get up to 25% of your wage before payday, with a limit of $1,250. Their platform is available 24/7 and can assist you with getting access to your money early to help with any urgent financial issues.

You repay the amount automatically to MyPayNow when your next salary hits your bank account. There is also a 5% fee per request when using MyPayNow Pay on Demand service.

MyPayNow Review
Pay on Demand Limit $1,250 AUD
Pay on Demand Fees 5% flat on borrowed amount
Salary Amount Limit Maximum 25% of your salary/wage
Subscription Fees None (Free)
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Regulated by ASIC Image
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Apps like MyPayNow in Australia

There are a few popular Pay on Demand applications in Australia that are viable alternatives to MyPayNow. These include:

We believe that CommBank AdvancePay provides the best experience because their limit is the highest in Australia at up to $5,000 AUD.

Their platform is also the cheapest Pay on Demand alternative to MyPayNow with a $5 flat fee per $500 loaned through AdvancePay.

MyPayNow Mobile App

The MyPayNow mobile app offers a sleek and intuitive user interface that allows you to easily request your wages in advance of payday. Their platform connects to your bank account and seamlessly deposits funds into your account, and requests funds in return once you are paid your salary.

Download the MyPayNow mobile app.

Is MyPayNow Safe?

MyPayNow Pty Ltd ACN (635 410 909) is a licensed and regulated company under the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). They are a safe platform to use Pay on Demand services in Australia.

What is Pay on Demand in Australia?

Pay on Demand is a type of payment service that allows customers to make payments for goods and services on an as-needed basis. This type of service is often used by businesses that provide subscription-based services, such as streaming entertainment or online dating. Pay on Demand services can be found in various industries, including retail, transportation, and healthcare.

The Pay on Demand scheme by the Australian government offers customers a convenient way to make payments without having to commit to a long-term contract. This type of service is especially beneficial for businesses that offer services that are used on an irregular basis.