The Bottom Line: CoinSpot is the better overall cryptocurrency exchange compared to Digital Surge for Australian investors. This conclusion is based on the fact that CoinSpot offers more cryptocurrencies (370 vs 300), lower fees (0.1% vs 0.5%), more staking coins (30 vs 20) and an NFT Marketplace and NFT Wallet which Digital Surge does not provide.

Digital Surge vs CoinSpot Winner
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Digital Surge vs CoinSpot Overview

Digital Surge is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange in Australia that was founded in 2017 by Dan Rutter and Josh Lehman. The platform prides itself on providing a clean and simple user experience and is a great way for beginner investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The exchange also boasts other features which include crypto staking, SMSF support and an integration that allows users to pay bills with Bitcoin.

Digital Surge

CoinSpot on the other hand is Australia's longest-running and most trusted exchange that was founded back in 2013. Their platform has the largest customer base in Australia, boasting over 2 million users on the platform. It is also the most feature-rich exchange in Australia with support for over 370 different assets, 30 crypto staking coins, an in-built NFT Marketplace and integration with OpenSea, an NFT Wallet and much more.

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Digital Surge vs CoinSpot Features

Digital Surge is a very basic buy, sell and swap cryptocurrency exchange. Their key features only enable investors to buy, sell and hold over 300 different digital assets. They have also recently added a Digital Surge Earn feature, whcih allows investors to earn interest on 20 different crypto assets which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, Cardano and others.

CoinSpot on the other-hand is the most feature rich cryptocurrency exchange in Australia. They have instant buy/sell, market orders, advanced order types, SMSF support and boast more cryptocurrency staking options. The CoinSpot platform allows investors to earn up to 50% interest on assets locked in their staking page. The exchange is also the only Aussie platform to offer an in-built NFT Marketplace which allows users to buy and sell NFTs like Azuki, Bored Apes and more with any token listed on the platform.

Buy, sell and hold NFTs with CoinSpot.

Trading Fees

Digital Surge offers the lowest instant swap trading fee in Australia at 0.5% per trade. However, this is the only way to trade cryptocurrencies on their platform.

CoinSpot offers fees that start at 0.1% through their Market Order feature, which is a way to buy cryptocurrency using an order book. This is a significantly cheaper way to buy large cap cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The only advantage Digital Surge has vs CoinSpot is the face that CoinSpot’s instant buy feature charges 1% - which is double the cost of Digital Surge.

AUD Deposit Methods

CoinSpot has many more deposit methods than Digital Surge. Both platforms support basic AUD deposit methods like Bank Transfers and PayID/Osko, but CoinSpot has extra methods like Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Cash and BPAY.

Digital Surge vs CoinSpot: Final Verdict

The flexibility of the CoinSpot trading platform is unrivalled in Australia. They have advanced order types for investors looking to buy large cap assets for 0.1% fees, an easy user interface with instant swap and the ability to stake cryptocurrencies to earn yield. 

With that said, we believe CoinSpot is the superior platform when it comes to every single metric except for the instant swap fee. For more information, read our CoinSpot Review or Digital Surge Review.