Beforepay is one of Australia's most popular Pay On Demand™ applications. Their platform gives you access to your paycheque early if you find yourself coming up short on rent and other expenses.

Their small short-term loans are cheaper than other loan structures with a 5% transaction fee on an instant loan amount of up to $2,000.

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What is Beforepay?

Beforepay is a finance company that offers short-term loans to Australians. The company has been operating since 2014 and is based in Sydney, Australia. Beforepay offers loans of up to $500 which can be repaid on the borrower's next payday. The company uses a simple online application process and does not require a credit check.

Beforepay is an alternative to traditional payday lenders and offers a more flexible repayment option. Beforepay is a licensed credit provider in Australia and is a member of the National Credit Providers Association.

Australian Licensing: Regulated in Australia - Beforepay Group Ltd ABN (63 6933 925 505).

BeforePay Australia
Beforepay: Low-Fee Pay on Demand for Australians.

Apps like BeforePay Australia

There are a few apps like BeforePay in Australia that gives you access to your salary or paycheque ahead of time. These include:

  • CommBank AdvancePay: Get access to up to $5,000 in advance for a scaling fee of $5 per $500 of loan requested. This is the cheapest Pay On Demand™ option in Australia.
  • Fupay: Fupay enables you to loan up to $1,500 for a 5% fixed fee.
  • MyPayNow: MyPayNow gives you access to up to $2,000 per week. The platform prides itself on their user experience and one-minute signup.

What other Features does BeforePay offer?

BeforePay also offers a sleek iOS and Android mobile application that helps you stay on top of your bills, and track your spending habits. Their app will programmatically help you find ways to reduce your costs based on what expenses you have month-to-month.

The BeforePay Mobile user interface.

Is BeforePay on the ASX?

BeforePay is a publicly listed stock on the ASX share market in Australia. This means they uphold the highest level of regulatory scrutiny and are a secure company.

Beforepay Group Ltd (B4P) is currently valued at a 14 million dollar market capitalisation, priced at 0.42 AUD per share.

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